Oh My Girl’s YooA Reveals Her Go-To Beauty Routine That Everyone Can Follow

She revealed the beauty routine that works best for her!

Oh My Girl‘s YooA recently shot a pictorial for Allure Korea, and also sat down for a Q&A session with Ask Allure on YouTube!

She answered tons of questions about herself, revealing new information for her beloved fans! One of the questions she received was about how she’s been taking care of her skin these days, and if she has any tips to share!

What’s your beauty routine?

YooA began by explaining how her face tends to get really puffy easily, so she had to focus her efforts on reducing bloating!

My face gets puffy very easily, so I focus on reducing bloating. I tried various things and tried eating various stuff.

But what I do nowadays is, I wake up in the morning, and I put in three grams of organic green tea powder in milk!


She then went on to cutely explain why she chose milk instead of water to mix her green tea powder in!

I heard that I should put it in water, but I thought it could be like a green tea latte if I put it in milk! So I put it in milk and drink it, and I found that the bloating was reduced a lot.

So I’m drinking it very often these days.


YooA recently made her solo debut with her mini-album Bon Voyage, and a title track of the same name.

Watch her talk about her beauty routine from 2:24 onwards here!