Oh My Girl’s JinE slowly being restored back to health

Oh My Girl’s JinE is slowly being restored back to health after recently taking a break due to anorexia. 

On August 31st, WM Entertainment confirmed that, “JinE is receiving treatment from her hometown of Pohang.” The agency previously announced the JinE’s sudden exclusion from all of Oh My Girl’s activities after being diagnosed with anorexia.  It was also added that the singer is being taken care of by her parents and as she restores her health.

According to the agency, the singer once dropped to a weight of 38 kilograms, which is considered unhealthy for someone with a height of 159 centimeters. It was also discovered that JinE started losing weight drastically after receiving malicious comments for “looking plump” during their debut in 2015.

WM Entertainment promised to continue looking after the singer and asked their fans for more understanding and support.

The rest of Oh My Girls will continue activities with seven members.

Source: Dispatch