Oh My Girl’s MV set spontaneously explodes during filming

A dust explosion occurred at the filming location for Oh My Girl‘s comeback music video but, fortunately, none of the members were hurt.

It was reported that there was a dust explosion at the filming site for Oh My Girl’s comeback music video, which is reportedly in April.

A dust explosion is a spontaneous combustion of fine particles in the air, and can occur virtually anywhere as long as the mix of particles is sufficient. Some of the lighting equipment exploded and large flames erupted on set.

The members were shocked but fortunately, there were no injuries reported.

The incident occurred because of an electrical short-circuit at the filming location, igniting the dust in the air and producing flames. Thankfully, the situation was resolved quickly by on-site staff and the music video filming continued.

Oh My Girl originally was planning a March release but has pushed it back to April. Their comeback draws closer as more news such as the filming of their music video filming is being released. It has been 8 months since the group’s last release, Listen to My Word.

Source: Osen