Oh My Girls’ Personally Signed Album Given To Lovelyz Found On Used Item Site, Woollim Responds

Fans hope Woollim will get to the bottom of this.

A signed album by Oh My Girl that was reportedly gifted to Lovelyz was found on a used item site and gained much attention online.

On May 25, a used item website post titled read ‘Selling ‘Closer’ autographed album. Closer Oh My Girl’.

The post explanation read, “This even has JinE’s signature. The writing was written by Jiho and the photo card is Binnie. Contact me with offers. This album will not be re-released so unwrapped ones will be 7 man won ($~56.79 USD) and unwrapped ones can go up to 13 man won ($~105.47 USD). Since this one includes all the members’ signature please take that into consideration when putting in your offers.”

In the photo of the album, you could clearly see the message that was written to Lovelyz by Oh My Girl. The message reads:

To. Lovelys sunbaenim~ Found it~ Oh My Girl! Hello! This is Oh My Girl! ‘A-CHU’ is such a fun and bright song! Please support and love our new song “CLOSER” please! We will continue to do our best as Oh My Girl!

After news of this hit Woollim Entertainment, they quickly released an official announcement regarding this matter.

They revealed that their company artists take good care of all albums received by fellow artists and that they have never given it to someone else. They believed that the album put up for sale could be due to theft and have contacted the police for further investigation.

Hello this is Woollim Entertainment. We are here to address the issue of an artists’ item being sold illegally through an online site. We are aware that this item is being sold on an online used items app and we are working with officials to find out how this item was stolen. Our artists take good care of all signed albums and items received by others artists and have never given them to other people. We believe that the item being sold on the site happened due to theft and have contacted the police for further investigation. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused to fans and we will work hard to make sure something like this does not happen again. Thank you.

Fans hope that Woollim will get to the bottom of this and find out how this album got into the hands of someone else.

Source: segye and newsen