“Oh My Baby” Taeoh was Hospitalised after severe leg pain left him Paralysed

On January 24, Ricky Kim uploaded a painful post on his Instagram, informing his followers that his son Taeoh (Asher), was hospitalized.

In this Ricky Kim is seen watching over Taeoh lying in a hospital bed with Ricky watching over him.

According to sources, Ricky Kim and his family were vacationing in Thailand, when Taeoh suddenly felt an intense pain in his right leg and couldn’t walk.

The next day, Ricky updated his Instagram with a message that they were discharged from the hospital.They still didn’t know what the cause of the pain was, nor why Taeoh was unable to walk. Doctors also stated that they were unsure if he will fully recover from his condition.

Ricky updated fans that they will be seeing a specialist in Los Angeles, California, and asked them to keep Taeoh in their prayers.

Fortunately on the same day, Ricky announced that Taeoh was “ok” upon arriving back in Korea and taking some medicine. Although Taeoh has not fully healed, Ricky expressed his thanks to his fans as well as Bangkok Hospital for all their prayers, love, and support, and promised to update more on his progress later on.

We hope Taeoh fully recovers soon!

Source: Dispatch