Oh My Girl YooA Has Rare Body Measurements That Give Her God-like Proportions

Oh My Girl member YooA’s out-of-this-world body shape baffles fans!

Oh My Girl member YooA‘s body proportions make her look at least 3 inches taller!

YooA is 5’2″ but many assume from her pictures that she is a lot taller.


With a small face and long neck, arms, and legs, YooA has a very slim figure.


YooA’s face is so small, it could probably be hidden behind the average-sized novel she’s holding.


This makes her look a lot taller than she actually is. In most pictures by herself, YooA looks at least 5’5″ (according to her fans)…


But Oh My Girl has an average height of 5’2″!


Having such godly proportions, YooA was featured on Cosmopolitan where she talked more about her figure. She said, “I was surprised to see ‘Oh My Girl YooA’s body’ as a popular search on websites. I’m honored to be getting so much attention.

“I actually love eating and snacking. But I don’t like fast food or anything that’s seasoned too strong. I’m on a low-sodium diet. If I want to munch on something, I have grilled mushrooms, toasted bananas, fresh cucumbers, or fruits… I make sure I put in a lot of care into how I cook what I eat. That’s one of the ways you can start caring for yourself and loving yourself.”


YooA stated that she watches her weight with dancing.

And she makes sure that she’s keeping up the proper posture at all times!

“I pay a lot of attention to my posture and body line… If I’m always cautious about my posture, it becomes a workout of its own. I’m constantly checking myself in the mirror.”


It’s no wonder she has a beautiful figure. She’s always taking care of her body!


YooA might not be the tallest K-Pop idol, but she is definitely one of the most proportional!