Oh Yeon Seo And Kim Bum Confirm They’re In A Relationship

A new couple from the Korean entertainment industry has blossomed!

The agencies of both Oh Yeon Seo and Kim Bum have officially announced that the two stars are in a relationship! They added that they were in the beginning stages of getting to know each other.


According to the agencies, the couple hit it off when they met each other through a gathering of friends after the shooting of A Korean Odyssey at the beginning of March. Within just one month, the couple has already officially announced their relationship and are going at an incredibly speedy pace!


A close associate of Kim Bum confirmed their relationship and explained that they had many things in common and became close very quickly.


“I only found out recently that the two were in a relationship. I heard that the became close very quickly because they had many things in common and really understood each other.” ㅡ Associate of Kim Bum


An associate of Oh Yeon Seo also gave insight into the situation suggesting that Oh Yeon Seo has become even more lovely since meeting Kim Bum.

“Oh Yeon Seo is well known among the people around her for being lovely but I think she became twice as lovely since meeting Kim Bum.” ㅡ Associate of Oh Yeon Seo


The pair has been spotted at a restaurant in Cheongdam-dong enjoying each other’s company. Even though they were with a few others, the couple continued to look after one another and had the glittery eyes of people in love.


Congratulations to this new, beautiful couple!

Source: The Fact and Mydaily
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