OH MY GIRL Wish This Could Change About Their Current Dorm Situation

They’ve been active for over 4 years but still don’t have this…

OH MY GIRL appeared on Idol Room, where they revealed that they’re desperate for a change in their dorm situation! The girls have been active for over 4 years now and think it’s time they moved to a better dorm.


Hyojung first initiated that they need to move since their current “dorm is so small and the water doesn’t run well.


The rest of the members all agreed as they demanded that they be given a separate room for each member! They are tired of having to share rooms now that they’ve been living together for 5 years!


The living situation currently has Jiho and Hyojung sharing a room…


Yooa sharing a room with Binnie


Seunghee and Arin sharing a room…


and Mimi got to have a room to herself because she won the lottery!


The members all decided that if it’s too much to move to a dorm with 7 rooms, they should hold a new lottery to change who gets the solo room. Mimi comically claimed they were too busy to hold another lottery to which the members rose up in union that they are more than free any time of any day!


Now that the girls are nearing their 5th anniversary, here’s to hoping that they’ll one day get an individual room for each member!


Meanwhile, check out their new hit “BUNGEE”!

Source: Xports News
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