Oh My Girl’s Seunghee Reveals Her Alarming Drastic Weight Loss Diet That Made Her Lose 8kg In Just Weeks

Fans are concerned about her health.

Oh My Girl‘s Seunghee revealed an alarming drastic weight loss diet that she underwent in order to lose 8kg (17lbs) in less than a month!


Seunghee revealed that whenever she’s busy with promotions, she only eats an apple and a pack of konjac jelly a day.


She fears eating anything else will make her look chubby as all of their stage outfits are skin-tight.

Every morning we had to go to pre-recording. All of our clothes are tight so if we eat even a little bit, it looks like we gained weight. I worry about all of this.

Sleep is so precious to us, so I always prefer to eat something light so that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable when I sleep right after I eat.

— Seunghee


She recalled back to the time when she decided to lose a lot of weight after believing she looked fat during their promotions for “Windy Day”.

I gained a lot of weight during ‘Windy Day’ promotions. My thighs and my waist were all chubby. I realized that this is why people get motivated to lose weight after seeing photos of themselves.

I lost a lot of weight for the next album.

— Seunghee


In order to lose weight by their next album, she only ate half a pear, chicken breast, and 1.5 liters of water for nearly a month. She was able to lose 8kg with that drastic diet.

During that time, I ate 1.5 liters of water, half a pear, and chicken breast that’s the size of my hand.

I lost about 8kgs in less than a month.

— Seunghee


The show created a contrasting photo from Seunghee during their “Windy Day” promotions and their next album. They captioned it, “Success in creating an outstanding figure thanks to Seunghee’s efforts“. It presented a sense that the weight of a K-Pop idol was more important than keeping to a healthy diet method.


Fans expressed their concerns about Seunghee’s drastic dieting methods and begged her to stop trying to lose weight in this unhealthy method.


Considering how Seunghee looked beautiful both before and after her diet, fans are hoping she will focus on her health than unhealthy expectations.