Ok Taecyeon reveals his crush for Park Shin Hye

In a followup interview by tvN from the last episode of “Three Meals”,  2PM’s Ok Taecyeon revealed his crush for Park Shin Hye.

In the last episode of “Three Meals”, it was obvious about Taecyeon’s crush for the actress. While the first episode ended with just her arrival and introduction, the next episode, that was aired on Friday May 22, is expected to show a lot of one-on-one between Taecyeon and Shin Hye.

According to other people, whenever he sees Park Shin Hye, he becomes a different person. Apparently he works harder and goes above and beyond to impress. According to the producers, he was even willing to work with no shoes on in very cold weather.

According to Lee Seo-Jin, “he (Taecyeon) only acts like this when there are female guests on.” causing people to burst out into laughter.

Taecyeon is stated to have said, “I like her. I think I really like her.”

In response, Park Shin Hye complimented the idol, saying that “he is very good at cooking and his personality is very good.”

The producers commented, “It seems very weird to talk about this.”

To this, Taecyeon answered, “Oh really? I guess it is what it is. I like it.” causing more laughter from everyone.

Source: Naver