OKCAT Mall reopens with new inventory in time for Fall

Taecyeon‘s OKCAT Mall has reopened for business, this time with new merchandise and a revamped layout! The shop was closed after many products sold out but has now reopened for business and is back with even more items to purchase.OKCAT, originally Taecyeon’s animal representative for 2PM’s cute Yazoo series, was created as a brand due to its popularity.

Over the summer, OKCAT Mall began as a popup shop in major department stores in South Korea, where products quickly sold out. To further promote his newest brand, Taecyeon made personal appearances and held a fansign event for those that came out for the grand opening!

With the reopening event, OKCAT Mall announced special prizes including sticker packs and an OKCAT tote, stating that they will soon be able to take international credit card orders. In the meantime, international fans can use PayPal through a second website to make their purchases.