HYBE Allegedly Sues K-Pop Group For Plagiarizing NewJeans’ Logo

Is it all a marketing tactic?

HYBE is allegedly suing an independent music group after they plagiarized NewJeans.


OKPOP is an independent, satirical K-Pop co-ed group consisting of friends, Brto, Yuuta, Smear, HanbonPaige, and former member Po, from Rutgers University. They have a following of 371.5K on TikTok.


OKPOP IS BACK‼️‼️‼️‼️ #bts #okpop #kpop

♬ suono originale – OKPOP

The group debuted on April 1 of this year with the single “TAKE MY HAND.”

OKPOP updated their followers, announcing that they were sued. The video went viral with over 5M views at the time of writing.


Any legal advice? Lawyers? #okpop #kpop


OKPOP claimed they can’t talk about who sued them due to legal reasons. Yet, they seemed to be dropping hints, including a NewJeans’ Minji photocard.

Additionally, OKPOP revealed they are changing their logo from a video-game type character of a bear (a parody of NewJeans’ bunny logo). Their new logo is still a bear, though.

Naturally, netizens were shocked that NewJeans allegedly sued OKPOP.

If NewJeans’ company really is suing OKPOP due to plagiarism of their logo, then netizens have brought up a new concern.

OKPOP’s new logo, the bear, is actually the same bear from Kanye West‘s album Graduation.

OKPOP responded to a comment, revealing that they were allegedly sued for $1,500,000 USD.


Risposta a @🎀PLEASE GIVE ADVICE!! #okpop #kpop


Netizens were outraged that HYBE would sue for so much, considering OKPOP has a small following compared to their own groups. Many feel that HYBE should have just sent a cease and desist.

Netizens are starting to question the authenticity of the situation. A few pointed out that OKPOP, technically a satirical group, should be protected under copyright as they are technically parodying K-Pop groups.

Some suggest that the entire thing is a marketing tactic on OKPOP’s behalf. OKPOP just made their comeback with the single “SAY YOU WANNA GO.”

This also is not the first time OKPOP has brought up the similarities between the NewJeans logo and theirs.


We’ve never even heard of them before 🙁 #okpop #kpop #newjeans #dreams #kindakorean


Previously, they joked that NewJeans copied them and not vice versa.


Replying to @zekey ^0^ / #newjeans #okpop #kpop



Replying to @Weezer Wayne C U IN COURT! #okpop #newjeans #kpop


Could it all just be a marketing tactic?

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