OLENS Comes Under Fire For Leaving Lisa Out Of BLACKPINK Storefront Display

Fans believe the company is purposefully being shady towards Lisa

BLACKPINK has had a contract with OLENS, a colored contact lens company, since the summer of 2018. Time and time again, however, the company has been called out for the alleged mistreatment of Lisa.

OLENS’ most recent sign of disrespect towards Lisa came in the form of storefront window posters. They put up posters of Rosé, Jisoo, and Jennie at their Hong Kong storefront, but not Lisa.

One could argue that Lisa was simply left out due to the fact that they couldn’t cover the door with her poster, however with the other “evidences” something definitely seems odd about this.

OLENS has since apologized, and labeled this simply as a mistake that they will fix in a timely fashion. Many BLINKs, however, are still not convinced nor impressed with the apology. #NoLisaNoMoney trended #5 in Thailand after the incident.