Oli London Drops A Teaser For New Music Video, And Reactions Are Already Scathing

He always causes a stir in the K-Pop community

Self-proclaimed K-Pop star and reality TV personality Oli London has long been a topic of debate among K-pop fans.

He’s most well-known for his apparent obsession with BTS‘s Jimin and his desire to look like him, and has spent over $150,000 on surgery to meet this goal. He has gone through at least 15 fairly drastic surgeries, and has appeared on a variety of TV shows such as E! Botched, Dr. Phil, and Today Show Australia to talk about himself and his aspirations.

London also, however, seems to desire to follow after his idol’s career goals and has released a couple of music videos, with this newest release, “Mirror Mirror”, being his fourth.  He recently came out with the teaser for the upcoming single.

Oli’s desire to break into the K-Pop industry has been heavily criticized since his first release, “Perfection”, in 2019, though the song hit #31 on the iTunes K-Pop chart and the music video received over 1.2 million views.  His second and third releases – “Butterfly” and “Heart of Korea” – peaked at #8 on the chart.

The message behind his new song addresses his haters and tells them to turn the mirror towards themselves and examine their own reflection. If it’s anything like his past three music videos, it’s sure to cause a stir in the K-Pop community – though likely not a positive one, given the massive amount of dislikes and scathing comments already posted on the teaser.  “Mirror Mirror” is set to release on March 1.