Olympic Athlete And Certified ARMY Kim Yeon Koung Jams To BTS Before Semi-Final Match

She recently said BTS is her favorite group!

Kim Yeon Koung is the captain of the South Korean Olympic volleyball team and a true fan of BTS!

Kim Yeon Koung is the captain and outside hitter of the South Korean National Team. | @kimyk10/Instagram

In an interview with Volleyball World where she discussed her Olympic career and personal interests, Kim stated that her favorite idol group was BTS.

I’m quite old so I don’t have favorite celebrities, but I could say that I know some big celebrities in my country. But for my favorite Korean idol group, it would have to be BTS.

— Kim Yeon Koung

| @kimyk10/Instagram

During warm-ups earlier this week, BTS’s “Permission to Dance” played throughout the arena and Kim was seen dancing along!

Earlier today, MBC News released a video of the Olympic team practicing for their semi-final match against Brazil. They reported that “Kim Yeon Koung turned on BTS’s music on her cell phone to lighten the mood and to ease their nerves!”

ARMYs welcome her with open arms, and some even expressed desires to see her with the members on Run BTS!

Kim Yeon Koung and the South Korean Olympic team will play against Brazil on August 6 for a spot in the finals. Fans everywhere are wishing them the best of luck!

Source: Volleyball World, MBC News and Instagram