Olympic Committee Member Shouts “F*CK KOREA”, and assaults a Korean security guard

Olympic Committee Member, Adam Pengilly, is currently being interviewed by the IOC’s Ethics Committee because of an incident that happened on February 15, 2018.

Pengilly had previously participated at the Vancouver Olympics as part of England’s skeleton team and was elected for the IOC position at this time.

At 8:40 a.m., Pengilly was stopped in the parking lot in front of the main press center.The security guard blocked Pengilly because he was about to enter the bus route and not the pedestrian route. When asked by the guard for his accreditation Pengilly refused and began pushing the security personnel. He then ran away while shouting “F*ck Korea” three times. It was said that Pengilly even threatened security personnel that if they reported the incident then they wouldn’t be able to work any longer.

The IOC, including Pengilly, confirmed that they use the PyeongChang International Hotel as their official accommodation and that the incident took place in a nearby parking lot.

Adam Pengilly will be leaving the games after he finishes his interview with the Ethics Committee. The IOC will be reporting his departure dates on February 16 at the main press center.  The IOC has issued a formal apology as follows:

“The IOC wishes to apologise for the behaviour of one of its members, and feels extremely sorry for the incident caused by Mr Adam Pengilly.
Following an interview with the IOC Ethics and Compliance officer he will leave the Olympic Games and South Korea with immediate effect.
We would like to once again thank all the authorities and the police who are doing an excellent job and deserve all our thanks.
Mr Pengilly has expressed his apologies to the security man involved. His mandate as an IOC member will expire on the 25th February.”

-International Olympics Committee

Source: Naver and The Telegraph