Korean Olympic Fencer Leaves A Final Message For Her Ex-Fiancé Who Turned Out To Be A Fraud

All it took was five words.

South Korean Olympic fencer Nam Hyun Hee left a final message to Jeon Chung Jo, her ex-fiancé and serial scammer.

Nam Hyun Hee (left) and Jeon Chung Jo (right) | Woman Chosun

Last month, it was announced that Nam Hyun Hee was planning to get married to Jeon Chung Jo, who was introduced as a third-general chaebol heir who had been an equestrian athlete and executive at a global IT company. However, their engagement quickly fell apart when it was revealed that not only was Jeon Chung Jo none of those things, but he was a fraud who had scammed at least 15 victims of around ₩1.90 billion KRW (about $1.42 million USD). More shocking news about him emerged in the news as he became embroiled in various suspicions, including marriage fraud and child abuse.

Jeon Chung Jo in an interview on October 30. | Channel A

Nam Hyun Hee ended things with Jeon Chung Jo, even reporting him to the police for stalking.

On November 2, Nam Hyun Hee sent a text message to news reporters through her legal representative, stating how she plans to move forward with the ex-fiancé drama.

Rather than responding noisily to Jeong Chung Jo, I plan to quietly cooperate with the investigation and actively submit all evidence to the investigative agencies.

— Nam Hyun Hee

She apologized for all the drama that she and her ex-fiancé have caused.

I am genuinely ashamed to make the world noisy. I’m sorry again. I was exploited more than anyone else.

— Nam Hyun Hee


Nam Hyun Hee added that she was almost the victim of his fraud. She also explained how she got the Bentley car Jeon Chung Jo got her.

Jeon Chung Jo’s fraudulent actions were exposed just before I became the last target while being used by him. The Bentley car, which everyone is talking about especially, was given to me by Jeon Chung Jo as a surprise poposal gift witout my knowledge.

— Nam Hyun Hee

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She continued that she got rid of the Bentley and the other things she received from him.

I learned about Jeon Chung Jo’s fraudulent actions belatedly and tried to return the vehicle and other items immediately. However, the situation became complicated, and I had to think about what to do, resulting in a bigger misunderstanding. I formally request the police to seize not only the Bentley related to Jeon Chung Jo but all belongings.

— Nam Hyun Hee

This photo is for illustrative purposes only. | Unsplash

It was reported that Jeon Chung Jo not only gave Nam Hyun Hee a Bentley but also gave her mother a Genesis car and allowance.

In the last part, Nam Hyun Hee made sure to make one thing very clear.

I am not your accomplice.

— Jeon Chung Jo


The decision on Jeon Chung Jo’s detention will be made on November 3.

Source: Wikitree and The Joongang