Olympic Gold Medalist changes his “ideal type” from Joy to Jennie… and fans freak out on him

He has not only one idol crush but two!

South Korean short track Olympic gold medalist, Lim Hyo Jun, guest starred on Radio Star and shared a funny story about his girl group crush.


When asked who his ideal type of woman was he answered Joy from Red Velvet! 

“I once said in an interview that I was a fan of Red Velvet’s, Joy. Then the Red Velvet fans gave me a lot of good comments.” – Lim Ju Hyun


Red Velvet fans rejoiced everywhere and left positive and affirming words to him.

  • You certainly have good taste in women!
  • There’s a reason why you won a gold medal.
  • Oppa, you’re so handsome!


But when he revealed later in an interview that he also has a crush on Black Pink‘s Jennie, fans began leaving negative and hurtful remarks!

“I enjoy listening to the song “As if it’s your last” by Black Pink. I really like Jennie.” – Lim Hyo Jun


Lim Hyo Jun laughed off the comments but expressed that he thought the situation was amusing.

I like both idols from the perspective of a fan! I’m not a strange person!


Source: Sports Hankook