Olympic Volleyball Player Kim Hee Jin Revealed Herself To Be An ATINY And ATEEZ Gave The Sweetest Response

They are both amazing!

It was only a few days ago that the Olympian athlete Kim Hee Jin participated in an interview with Reporter Eun’s LIT NEWS where she expressed how much she loves ATEEZ‘s music and choreography.

It seems that the news of Kim Hee Jin’s love for ATEEZ has reached the group as they recently gave a response to it! Their response was made during their time promoting their comeback with ZERO: FEVER Part.3 on DAY6’s Kiss The Radio!

When the show’s DJ, DAY6‘s Young K, mentioned Kim Hee Jin, the members expressed their happiness and gratitude to her and her support! San conveyed the group’s appreciation and made it known that he and the members are cheering her on!

I’m a big fan of yours too, I watched all your matches and really rooted for you. Thank you so much. I appreciate you shedding light on us. We’re also grateful that you’re our fan. We, ATEEZ, will continue to work hard and make you proud. We love you, thank you so much!

— San

Check out the clip below:

Source: YouTube/은기자의 왜떴을까TV - Reporter Eun’s LIT NEWS