Olympics Korean Archery Team Specifically Requested For A BTS Song To Be Played During Their Awards Ceremony But A Mistake Was Made

A different song had been played.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are midway and things are getting exciting. The South Korean Women’s Archery team swept up the wins with nine gold medals being awarded to them. However, the Olympics logistics team made a small mistake during their awards ceremony.

The South Korean Women’s Archery team had specifically made a request for BTS‘s song, “Dynamite” to be played during their win. However, BLACKPINK‘s “Boombayah” had been played instead. Specifically, the lyrics reading “The congratulatory drinks are clinking for me now” was played to celebrate their win.

The team representative, Kang Chae Young, had shared after the match at a press conference that the team had originally requested for BTS to be played. In a previous press interview as well, she had shared her hopes for BTS’s “Dynamite” to be played if the team won.

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They weren’t the only ARMY atheletes at the Olympics! In fact, BTS’s songs had consistently been played throughout. Regardless of the song mishap, we’re sure it was a proud moment for the country. Congratulations to the girls!

Source: Hani Korea