The Olympics Official Account Raved About How Amazing EXO Is

The account knows what’s up!

It looks like the Olympics official Twitter account has fallen head over heels for EXO, and really who can blame them!


On July 4, the FIFA World Cup gave netizens the chance to vote for four songs to be played at the game including BTS‘s “Fake Love” and EXO’s “Power”.


It turned out that the poll would be one of the biggest twitter polls ever, with over 3 million votes! Although EXO and BTS were neck and neck for the most part, EXO was later crowned the winner.

EXO were also trending worldwide with the hashtags #FIFAxEXOPower and #WorldCupEXOPower.


While EXO-Ls were certainly happy to hear that “Power” was going to be played during the World Cup, no one could have guessed that the Olympics official account would be just as excited!

It looks like they’ve officially become an EXO-L!


Their sweet words and serious love for EXO immediately became a hit with fans.


But fans weren’t the only ones to notice the Olympics account’s major love. The tweet also made the news in Korea!


The sweet tweet has certainly brought a smile to everyone’s faces! Congratulations once again EXO!