What Happened to OMEGA X’s Hwichan? Netizens Raise Concerns Following His Now-Deleted Social Media Update

Fans worry the members may be under a social media ban.

Netizens are raising concerns for OMEGA X‘s Hwichan following his latest (now-deleted) social media update, fearing that there may be an alleged ‘social media ban’ on the members.

OMEGA X’s Hwichan | @OmegaX_members/Twitter

The members had all previously debuted under different groups or participated in reality survival shows before becoming OMEGA X. They made their debut as a group under SPIRE Entertainment in 2021, and have since been praised for being truly dedicated to communicating with fans.

OMEGA X | @OmegaX_official/Twitter

Recently, FOR X (fans of OMEGA X) began to express concerns over the sudden cease in the group’s social media updates. According to fans, the members usually post daily, yet there have not been updates since August 12, which is when Hwichan made his last post. He also attempted to hold live streams 12 times, each of which was allegedly forcibly ended approximately 10 seconds in, according to FOR X.


On that day, Hwichan posted a seemingly worrying message on the fan café page, which has reportedly since been deleted.

FOR THE FANS WHO TRUST US, FOLLOW US, AND SIDE WITH US. We’re going to keep going for FOR Xs, so please don’t change. No matter what happens, we’re going to overcome it. We can, like we always have. We’ll prevail. And no matter what happens in the future, we’re going to stay by the fans’ side. We’re never, ever going to hurt them again, no matter the reason.

— Hwichan

His post included a quote from R. M Drake that had fans wondering what Hwichan was alluding to in his message.

The lack of comment from the company since Hwichan’s last update has created unease among fans, with some even fearing that this could be “forecasting the group’s split,” especially since the members normally communicate with fans through social media due to a lack of other interactive content.

FOR X are now worried that SPIRE Entertainment has enacted a social media ban on Hwichan and his members, who have also failed to update since his last post. While the group’s schedules appear to be continuing as normal, fans have pointed out that the majority of the schedules appear to be restricted to face-to-face fansigns and video calls, with limited numbers of fans being allowed to participate. This has made it difficult to get updates from the members.

OMEGA X update before latest fansign | @OmegaX_official/Twitter

The group’s official social media is continuing to post twice a day, but the updates are almost only about upcoming activities and events such as fansigns and the group’s overseas tour.

Concerns over Hwichan are being particularly raised, since he is the member who tends to spend the most time interacting with fans on the fan café, yet is allegedly also the only member who has been prevented from accessing it since August 12, according to fans. FOR X believe this raises questions about SPIRE Entertainment’s treatment of the members.

Due to this alleged social media ban on OMEGA X, fans are now calling for the members to be allowed return to making regular updates as soon as possible, including on the members’ Twitter account, which has not been updated since August 11. Or at least, fans are hoping to hear from SPIRE Entertainment about the situation.

Source: theqoo and Twitter

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