OMEGA X Taedong’s Sister Reveals The True Extent Of Abuse Her Brother Suffered At His Previous Company

It raises concerns about the well-being of idols in the industry!

On November 16, OMEGA X had a press conference to address the current situation between them and their agency Spire Entertainment. During the conference, they addressed everything that had happened to them both in the past and while at Spire Entertainment.

Recently, the sister of one of the members revealed the true extent of the abuse they faced at their former company.

OMEGA X at the Seoul Bar Association’s Human Rights Room with legal representatives Seo Ju Yeon and No Jong Eon | News1

Alongside the heartbreaking stories of the abuse they had suffered under Spire Entertainment, the members revealed the treatment they had suffered at previous companies.

In particular, Taedong shared the story of how his previous label mistreated artists and subjected them to inhumane levels of labor with no personal freedom.

I know not every agency is like that, but I think a lot of K-pop trainees and even current idols are being treated unfairly…In my previous agency, I practiced 15 to 17 hours a day without a single day off. They confiscated my phone and forced me to share my passwords


Hyuk and Taedong broke down in tears while talking about the abuse they faced | News1

Following the press conference, Taedong’s sister revealed that although the comments made by the members at the press conference were heartbreaking enough, the true extent of abuse at his former company was much more than he could explain.

On Instagram, Taedong’s sister posted a picture of the original article but added that due to the emotions her brother had, she wanted to share everything that happened at his past company.

What Taedong couldn’t say, due to crying, is that while attending “2Y,”  they took away his cell phone so he couldn’t contact his family members. They changed his numbers several times and found out his password and would go through his phone.

— Taedong’s sister

She even shared that the company’s abuse went further, stopping the idol from being contacted after his grandfather had died and also calling out the former CEO for the atrocities he caused.

They were forced to practice 15-17 hours, and when his grandfather passed away, his family couldn’t reach him, so they alerted him by DM’ing his old Instagram account. Taedong found out too late and wasn’t even able to properly pay his respects. The fact that the CEO of “2Y,” who cursed out and slapped Taedong, is staying silent is p**sing me off.

— Taedong’s sister

It isn’t the first time Taedong’s sister has been vocal about the hardships her brother has suffered.

When the news about the abuse was first revealed, Taedong’s sister revealed that she had read comments on articles regarding Spire Entertainment’s abuse of OMEGA X. She was shocked at how hateful and mean netizens were, as some even referred to it as “noise marketing.”

I was reading the comments in the article, and I’m at a loss for words. LOL. It is so mean. How is this noise marketing? And how is this justifiable because they aren’t popular? I kept trying to ignore it, but it’s making me so mad I couldn’t hold it in anymore.

— Taedong’s sister

For many fans, the press conference raised concerns about the treatment of all idols and that safeguards need to be put in place to protect artists.

You can read more from the press conference below.

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