ONCEs Are Angry At gugudan’s Sejeong For Imitating TWICE Momo’s Accent

They said she mocked Momo’s accent.

On the March 31 broadcast of MBC’s King of Mask Singer gugudan‘s Sejeong competed against actor Song Geon Hee. Their voices really surprised the judges, hosts, and the audience.

After revealing her face to the public, Kim Sung Joo, the host of the show, asked Sejeong to do voice impressions of other singers such as MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa, Lovelyz‘s Jiae and TWICE‘s Momo.

It was her Momo impression that started a storm on social media and made Momo’s fans very upset.


ONCEs believe that Sejeong mispronounced Momo’s lines to deliberately mock her Japanese accent and make the audience laugh.




This controversy also crossed the border and left Japanese fans not too happy about what Sejeong did either.

Some of the comments found in Japanese forums had harsh words for gugudan’s Sejeong like, “What an attention wh*re… using Momo to get attention… disgusting” and “I want to hear her speaking Japanese now…”


A number of gugudan fans explained that Sejeong didn’t mean harm with her imitation, and that she didn’t do it with any ill intention.




What do you think of this controversy?