Here’s How ONCEs Celebrated TWICE’s Legendary 1000 Days Since Debut

ONCEs had a TWICE comment party!

TWICE celebrated their 1000th day since debut and ONCEs took to social media to congratulate the girls for their many achievements in different ways.


TWICE posted a message to ONCEs thanking them for being beside them and supporting them for 1000 days.

“For being beside TWICE for 1000 days, thank you. ONCE was there so we were happy, are happy, will be happy. 1000 days ago our first meeting was precious and thrilling and with that same feeling in mind we will look together to the future and hope to spend another 1,000 days together.”  — TWICE


And fans replied by posting pictures and memories of TWICE leading up to their 1000 day anniversary, commemorating their journey.

  • “Thinking back, you girls went from having only themselves and a small venue, to a girl group with millions of people loving you and having concerts of your own. We’re more than proud to be with the family you have created and cherished. We love you.”


And even shared self-made commemorative pictures!

  • “We went to a beach earlier and I did the only right thing to do! A promooooooo…”


And left heart-warming messages of love and support.

  • “The girls went from competing among themselves and their own friends with nothing but the heart to live their dreams, to one of the most successful girl groups in Korea with the most humble hearts.”
  • “Forever is a long time but that’s how long I will keep on loving all nine of you. Thank you for existing and being one of the reason I look forward for a new day.”


Many took the time to write why TWICE meant so much to them.

  • “Stanning you is the best decision I’ve ever made. Thank you for bringing happiness in my life. You deserve all the happiness and love in the world. I love you and I always will.”
  • “I wouldn’t have had a good laugh this year without having TWICE to turn to when I was down. Only TWICE has bright, fresh and healthy energy. Every song always has that energy. So I feel really strong when I listen to their songs when I am having a hard time and feel depressed. I think their music is a treatment for depression. So thank you very much. Seeing the girls laughing and joking with each other, and being good to each other, you can see they are just naturally bright, caring and polite people. So I think their music has that fresh and positive energy because of who they are. I think they were just born as bright, energetic, polite and loving. I was happy in the first half of this year thanks to TWICE. I hope we can continue to make each other happy.”


And how their success will only continue!

  • “Do you think this will be what they look like in 5 years’ time?”


In addition to TWICE’s 1000th day, it was Jihyo‘s 13th anniversary with JYP Entertainment, and Jihyo left a sincere message for ONCEs.

“Hello ONCE, this is Jihyo.
Can you believe that it’s already been 1000 days? Maybe it’s because we’ve been so busy, but I just couldn’t believe how much time has passed.
It’s also my 13 year anniversary with JYP…
13 years ago I entered the company at a very young age trying to learn many new things… compared to people the same age as me, I may not have had as much of a childhood but I don’t think I regret living through that.
Of course, there were times I wanted to give up but there weren’t any times I regretted anything.
ONCEs who gave me love helped me realise things about myself I never knew and allowed me to be happy.
I don’t always say it, but on the days that ONCEs are in front of me singing and dancing I am really happy.
I like it when I can see happy ONCEs, even though it was you guys who made me happy.
Thank you for allowing me to feel like a precious person after meeting you all!
I plan to be happy with ONCEs for a very long time!
Lastly, I hope that later after 2000 days and 3000 days we’re the same and that when life is too busy to care you remember these happy moments and that these memories that remain are not just moments to be glad and between just any people, but are shared between fans and singers. But of course we will be together!” — Jihyo


And of course ONCEs returned the love!


It was a TWICE comment party of love!


Happy 1000 Days!

Source: Pann Nate