ONCEs Are Loving This Caring Leader-Maknae Moment Between Jihyo and Tzuyu

Jihyo is such a caring leader!

Jihyo has once again proven how much she loves the members of TWICE!


On October 6, TWICE attended the SBS Inkigayo Super Concert in Incheon, where they performed many of their hit songs, like “Feel Special”, “Fancy”, and “Yes or Yes”.


During the performance of “Yes or Yes”, the choreography required Tzuyu to be kneeling down on one knee, and then get up and get into another position at another member’s part of the song. While she was getting up, however, she lost her balance and fell back— and Jihyo immediately noticed!



Jihyo stopped in the middle of dancing, and went to Tzuyu. She quickly made sure that the maknae was all right and was able to get up and continue, before going right back to the choreography like a pro!


God-Jihyo can do anything indeed…especially for her members!