One AKMU member earns twice as much as the other

One sibling may be earning more than the other due to copyright fees between Akdong Musician. Are you able to guess who? 

On January 30th, Akdong Musician’s Chanhyuk and Suhyun appeared as guests on jTBC’s Take Care of my Fridge. During the appearance, the two were asked about the fees made through their own songs.

According to the siblings, “The fees are under the supervision of our parents.” However, Suhyun confessed that between them, Chanhyuk receives twice the amount of money that she earns. It was explained that since Chanhyuk composes most of the tracks they release, the royalties are directed back to him. When asked about the number of songs under his name, Chanhyuk revealed that he has at least 30 to 40 songs registered.

They may be siblings, but their earnings differ.

Chanhyuk also added that “My parents take care of the money. Sometimes I check my royalty and I am happy.”

Aside from their previous hit track “200%,” Chanhyuk solely composed and wrote lyrics for their recent album, WINTER.

Source: Dispatch