One body recovered from sunken Sewol ferry 195 days after accident

195 days after the tragic Sewol ferry accident that shook the whole nation, one more body has been found in the late afternoon, around 5:25PM on Tuesday, October 28th.

The Sewol ferry sunk on April 14th, 2014, when it was making its way from Incheon to Jeju Island. The ferry carried mostly high school students from Danwon High School who were on their way for a field trip. There has been approximately 295 reported deaths, although around 174 others were rescued in time.

Being lost at sea for 195 days, this body was found 102 days after the last body was retrieved on September 18th. The rescue team, The South Korea Joint Task Force, reported that they found the body in the women’s bathroom on the fourth floor of the ferry. Although it is very likely to be the body of a woman, since the body has been badly decomposed after being out at sea for 6 months, the gender of the victim has yet to be determined.

Graphics of body found in Sewol ferry
Photo: Yonhapnews

Nine people who were on board the ferry remain missing.

While the owner of the Sewol ferry had been found dead in a possible suicide, the captain of the ferry is currently on trial and facing a likely death sentence.

Source: Sports dongA and Yonhapnews

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