One Direction’s Liam Payne Talks About BTS’s Skill, and The Collab That Never Happened

BTS Liam Payne?

One Direction‘s Liam Payne sat down for a segment of Ask Anything Chat with iHeartRadio and was asked a question about how BTS may remind him of his time with One Direction, who went on hiatus in 2016.


Liam Payne revealed he didn’t think his skill set would be enough to make BTS as one of their members, thanks to the extremely sharp and in-sync choreography that the group has. Oh, and of course, one other reason.

“Well, BTS looks like a really tough group to be in, like, I don’t think I’d make the cut for BTS because they just have, like a military thing of dancing which is amazing. They can all perform solo great, they have so many different styles, and obviously, I don’t speak… Korean.”


He then dropped a little known fact, saying that he really wanted to have a collaboration with them, but ended up being unable to.

“But I think they’re really great. I actually really wanted to do something with them earlier on, but someone kind of beat me to it, so I, I kind of backed out, you know, at the end. But go BTS! Good, really good stuff.”


Watch the whole segment below: