“One Dollar Lawyer” Actress Kim Ji Eun Reveals What It Was Like On Set During The Drama’s Alleged Infighting

“Because I did my best, I have no regrets.”

Actress Kim Ji Eun, who recently wrapped up filming for SBS’s popular K-Drama, One Dollar Lawyer, spoke about the drama’s alleged infighting that led to the cancellation of several episodes.

Kim Ji Eun | @kj_ieun/Instagram

Previously we covered the alleged conflict between One Dollar Lawyer’s writer and its production company, StudioS, which happens to be a subsidiary of SBS.

Poster for One Dollar Lawyer | SBS

According to an insider familiar with the situation, the conflict arose due to the production company caring more about the company’s profits than the quality of the drama.

The conflict began when SBS’s subsidiary production company, StudioS, began prioritizing the company’s ratings and profits and has since led to this situation.

— Insider

The insider also stated that there was a power struggle that manifested itself in ways that affected the whole team.

Ever since episodes 5-6, there was a bit of conflict that grew into a power struggle which divulged into late scripts, sending scripts back for revisions, and filming delays.

— Insider

When reached out for comment, StudioS denied the allegations.

We haven’t heard anything pertaining to the allegations. We have nothing to say.

— StudioS

Recently, Kim Ji Eun spoke with New Star News, where she stated that despite the infighting, the environment on set was very positive and supportive.

It might be because we had so much fun filming, but it was very positive. We thought that there must be a reason behind everything, and we just focused on doing our very best.

— Kim Ji Eun

The actress also spoke about her castmates and staff who did their best, despite the controversy and stated that he had no regrets.

We just focused on doing our part, no matter what. That is why I really do believe I met good people. We believed that there was a reason behind all of it (infighting) and just did our best. Because I did my best, I have no regrets.

— Kim Ji Eun

SBS’s One Dollar Lawyer was revealed to have originally been slated for fourteen episodes but finished its run after airing only twelve. Many netizens were confused by the cancellation of the drama’s episodes due to its immense popularity. The drama’s last episode recorded a viewership rating of 15.2%.

Source: Wikitree