One Event Reportedly Hinted At Song Hye Kyo And Song Joong Ki’s Divorce Before It Happened

No one was expecting Song Hye Kyo’s absence at the event.

Reports claimed that Song Hye Kyo‘s absence at the wedding of Song Joong Ki‘s manager hinted at their divorce.

Song Joong Ki’s manager held his wedding in April of this year. Song Joong Ki spent years working with his manager and friend, and anyone who worked with Song Joong Ki on a drama would naturally become close with his manager as well. That’s just how close they are. This is why everyone was shocked when Song Hye Kyo nor anyone from her agency showed up at his wedding.

While Song Hye Kyo may have been busy with her schedules, many thought it was strange that none of Song Hye Kyo’s staff members showed up either.

Since then, the news of Song Hye Kyo’s absence at Song Joong Ki’s manager’s wedding began to spread along with rumors that the couple was having troubles. On June 2nd’s episode of Access Showbiz Tonight, an entertainment reporter revealed that Song Joong Ki looked troubled when his relatives asked about Song Hye Kyo’s absence at the event.

I personally heard from an acquaintance of Song Joong Ki about two months ago that the couple’s relationship was quite serious. When his relatives asked him about Song Hye Kyo’s absence at the event, his expression looked troubled so they couldn’t ask him any more questions. They hoped their relationship would recover quickly.

ㅡ Entertainment reporter

Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki have decided to part ways 2 years after their wedding. They stated personality differences as the reason for their divorce and is preparing to begin their divorce procedure sometime this month.