This One Fact Means BTS Winning A Grammy Is Even More Likely

History could be made.

For those unaware, BTS are up for a Grammy music award for Love Yourself: Tear which is nominated in the category “Best Recording Package”.

BTS Becomes The First K-Pop Act To Receive A GRAMMY Nomination

The art director for the album is Doo Hee Lee who works for the company HuskyFox. He took the lead for each of the Love Yourself albums and did a fantastic job on each.

Doo Hee Lee is the co-founder of HuskyFox, an art direction company based in Seoul.

Well, HuskyFox have confirmed that Doo Hee Lee will be attending the Grammy Awards this year. If he’s making the trip from South Korea then it’s all the more likely that he’ll be accepting a Grammny award for his work.

It’ll be fantastic if Doo Hee Lee and BTS can win this award, making history in the process!


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