One Fan Takes BTS Jungkook’s Solo 2019 MMA Dance To Another Level

ARMYs never ceases to amaze people with their hard work and dedication for BTS.

BTS Jungkook’s solo dance performance at the 2019 MMA’s has gotten a new makeover thanks to a dedicated fan. A fan added graphics to Jungkook’s solo dance practice performance video that was released by Big Hit Entertainment.




The graphic effects added to the dance video made him look like the main character of a martial arts film. The cool effects gave more life to Jungkook’s already powerful and precise dance moves. This fan’s take on his performance gives off yet another vibe then the MMA performance. They even added fun graphics to give the performance some flair.





People who viewed this video were shocked at the editing skills of the fan and wondered who made this video. Some people believed that they may have used an app to make the effects on the video.

It was later revealed that a Chinese ARMY had made the video. The maker of this video stated that she watched tutorials on how to make effects and spent 4 days completing this version of Jungkook’s dance. They also revealed that it took 3,813 strokes to complete this video, expressing how hard it was to make it.




They also added that they tried to make the same effects for J-Hope’s “Chicken Noodle Soup” but ended up giving up after working on it the whole day for just the first 20 seconds.




They also made a video for “Boy With Luv” and even showed the making of the graphics as well.

To watch the full clip, click the link here.


Here is the original dance practice video the fan used to make her version.




Here is the official solo performance at the 2019 MMA’s.



What do you think of the fan’s video?



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