One of Jonghyun’s tracks was never meant to be released by him

SHINee’s Jonghyun often composes for other artists, but things don’t always go according to plan and Jonghyun recently revealed that one of his tracks was actually meant for NCT U.

Jonghyun recently gained a lot of interest for his songwriting skills and has joined the ranks of G-Dragon and Block B’s Zico as one of the top royalty-earning idols. Jonghyun does not only write for himself, however, and prior to his solo debut, he was already participating in the composition of SHINee’s tracks. Eventually, he moved on to composing tracks for other artists such as EXO and Lee Hi.

Jonghyun’s track, “Inspiration”, was composed by him and released as part of SM Station. It was an R&B track and was exclusively performed during his concert tour, but, on January 17, Jonghyun made a surprising confession about it on his radio program, Jonghyun’s Blue Night.

“‘Inspiration’ was originally meant to be a song that I would have given to NCT U. I wrote it myself… I was in such a hurry and the concert was very soon.” 

If Jonghyun had his way, the track would’ve been perfect for NCT U’s trendy image especially with the concept surrounding their last release, “The 7th Sense.”