Only One KISS OF LIFE Member Actually Auditioned For The Group

She was handpicked by her fellow members!

When S2 Entertainment dropped the first teaser for their new K-Pop girl group KISS OF LIFE in May 2023, the group had already caused a buzz as netizens suspected solo artist and former SIXTEEN and Idol School contestant Natty would be joining the line-up.

After being showcased in a K-Pop trainee documentary with future fellow members Belle and Julie ahead of their debut, all eyes were on the group, waiting to see what the talented members had in store.

KISS OF LIFE’s Belle, Natty, Julie, and Haneul | @official_kissoflife/Instagram

KISS OF LIFE debuted as a quartet on July 5, with Belle, Julie, and Natty confirming netizens’ suspicions with their unveiling, and talented maknae Haneul was added as the final member to complete the group.

| @KISSOFLIFE_S2/Instagram

Even before their debut, the members made a name for themselves with their talents. Leader Julie formerly trained under “Big 3” company YG Entertainment. Natty was well-known for her appearances on the two popular idol survival programs and had established herself as a solo artist with her debut in 2020.

Member Belle formerly worked for SM Entertainment as a songwriter and has songwriting credits for multiple artists, including LE SSERAFIM and (G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon. While Haneul is new to the entertainment scene, she’s already captured the hearts of fans with her charisma and effortless talents.

| @pinktaeyeon/Tumblr 

To celebrate the group’s recent comeback, the members appeared on the new variety Curator, where the members opened up more about their unique talents and how the group was formed.

While on the show, the girls revealed that only one of the members actually auditioned for the group, and it was at the recommendation of her three fellow members.

Host HoonD identified that maknae Haneul was the only member to audition for the group, and leader Julie revealed that her fellow members unanimously felt Haneul was the most attractive, giving their company officials positive feedback when they asked the three about her.

Handpicked by the older members, Haneul officially became the lovable maknae of the group!

During their Curator episode, Natty opened up about her decision to debut in a group after establishing her solo career. Check out more on that in the article below:

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