One Of Korea’s Most Popular Actors Reveals He’s Been Single For 6 Years

Apparently, even the best looking and the most popular of us can be victims of that lonely condition, being single.  

Lee Jae Hoon, the star behind the hit series Signal and top-grossing movies like Architecture 101, has revealed that he has been single for the last 6 years!

According to Lee Jae Hoon, he has been focused on acting and producing and has had little to no time to date.

“I have never even had a blind date or have had someone set me up with a friends.

For now, I think I have this need to prioritize my work.”

— Lee Jae Hoon

Furthermore, even if he’d had the time, Lee Jae Hoon has apparently not even met someone who has struck his fancy in the last 6 years.

“I haven’t met anyone who’s really sparked my interest yet.

I didn’t even have a fling in the past 6 years.”

— Lee Jae Hoon

He also stated that he doesn’t have that many friends of the opposite sex.

“I don’t really have any friends of the opposite sex.

Even with actress I meet on set, I only text once in a while to say hello.”

— Lee Jae Hoon

Lee Jae Hoon is, nevertheless, hopeful about the future and the possibility of meeting someone soon.

Here’s hoping that he finds the one!

Source: Insight