One Of Korea’s Top Actors Shares How He Met His European Wife In Rare Interview

The actor married his wife, who is an artist based in Paris, in 2020.

Actor Ryoo Seung Bum, who is known as one of Korea’s most enigmatic celebrities, gave a rare interview in which he spoke about how he met his Slovakian wife.

Ryoo Seung Bum | MBC

On May 10, tvN‘s You Quiz On The Block revealed the trailer of its upcoming episode featuring the actor.

In the trailer, the actor is seen making an appearance dressed fashionably. The actor, who is famous for his fashion sense, was dressed in a knit sweater adorned by scarves. Ryoo Seung Bum also donned a mustache.

Ryoo Seung Bum, who rarely speaks about his private life, was asked how he met his wife, who is a Slovakian artist. The actor, in his response, revealed that they had met while he was in Bali to learn how to surf.

(We met) while I was living in Bali to learn how to surf.

— Ryoo Seung Bum

When the actor was asked if nobody recognized him in Slovakia, the actor replied he is never recognized, but stated that he did attract some weird stares from some of the people.

Nobody knows who I am (in Slovakia). The grandmothers, when they see me, stare at me.

— Ryoo Seung Bum

The actor, who is known to be living in Europe, was then asked if he had sold all of his rare and fashionable items, to which Ryoo Seung Bum spoke about his thoughts on material things.

Even now, I barely have anything. I don’t really care for it. To be honest, I do think about some of the stuff (his past valuables) from time to time. I just live for today…

_ Ryoo Seung Bum

Meanwhile, Ryoo Seung Bum is regarded as a generational actor. The actor is known for legendary roles in critically acclaimed films such as Crying Fist, Over My Dead Body, and The Berlin Files. The actor married his wife, who is known to be an artist based in France, in 2020. The couple have one child together.

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