One Of Korea’s Top Actresses Is Considering Quitting The Entertainment Industry

Sometimes known as the celebrity among celebrities, this top actress recently confessed that she constantly wonders whether she should remain in the entertainment industry.

Kim Hye Soo is one of the most sought-after actresses in Korean media, but it appears she is seeking something out of life outside of acting.

In the upcoming movie A Special Lady, Kim Hye Soo plays Na Hyun Jung, the boss of a criminal organization who wants to escape her life to live an ordinary life.

Although Kim Hye Soo doesn’t typically take roles with a heavy action, she decided to play the part of Na Hyun Jung because she saw something in common with the character.

“I am not sure if I should talk about this. It is very sensitive. It is a luxury. I have been working for a long time and I am old. I always think whether I should just quit already. I always do. I really liked the character Na Hyun Jung because these are the things we share in common”

— Kim Hye Soo

She is also one of very few actresses who have the power to play a strong female lead in an entertainment industry where women are close to absent.

In spite of her obvious talent and desirability as an actress however, Kim Hye Soo confessed that she often doubts whether or not she is actress material.

“I could understand what its like to give up everything you have and dream of living an ordinary life. I also think about retiring. It is something very different from how I get evaluated on my acting. I always wonder if I am the right person to be an actress. It is not like worrying about how much longer I can be an actress. I just think that I was not born an actress. There are so many other actors and actresses who are better than me.”

— Kim Hye Soo

Even though fans love to see Kim Hye Soo on screen, we all hope that she finds happiness doing what she loves—whether that’s acting or something else.

Source: Newsis & Naver