How One TikToker Snuck Into The Met Gala And Met BLACKPINK’s Rosé And CL

She pulled off the impossible!

The Met Gala is one of the most high-profile events in entertainment due to its A-List attendants and rich history. It’s expensive as heck to get in (a ticket costs around $35,000) and almost entirely invite-only. Many people have tried to sneak in but failed. However, one TikToker managed to do the impossible! Here’s how Nina Lin finessed her way into the Met Gala and met a ton of celebrities, including BLACKPINK‘s Rosé and CL.

Nina Lin (right) with Emma Chamberlain (left) and Kendall Jenner (center). | @n.nina666/TikTok

Nina has over 2.6 million followers on TikTok and had over 1 million followers on Instagram before her account was taken down. She has gone viral before for her unbelievable adventures around her hometown, New York City, including riding on the back of garbage trucks. (Warning: explicit language)


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But her recent journey into the exclusive Met Gala has gained her a newfound wave of fame: her TikToks from the event have amassed millions of views, with one having almost 18 million.

| @n.nina666/TikTok

Nina posted a YouTube video detailing just how she managed to get in — in a nutshell, it took 20% good planning, 70% finesse, and 10% a fresh suit.

| Nina lin/YouTube 

All dressed up in her $300 suit, Nina made her way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where the gala is held. Her story? She was with The New York Times and her editor called her to deliver a camera lens.

| Nina lin/YouTube

And it worked! It got her through not one, not two, but four rounds of security. Nina ended up right on the stairs with staff members from publications like Vogue, GQ, and Fox News.

| Nina lin/YouTube 

Nina had a front-row seat to the whole event, and even got to speak with some celebrities while she pretended to be managing social media content for a publication. One of the multiple stars she got to speak with was none other than CL!

Nina: Who are you wearing?

CL: Alexander Wang.

Nina: Yes, as you should! Love you!

CL speaking with Nina Lin. | Nina lin/YouTube 

Nina also got to see Rosé make her way into the Met Gala!

Rosé entering the Met Gala. | Nina lin/YouTube 

She even got a picture with Rosé and Talia Ryder, though Nina wasn’t sure who Ryder and many of the other guests were. However, for someone who wasn’t even supposed to be at the Met Gala, Nina took her “job” seriously and documented the event well!

Rosé, Talia Ryder, and Nina Lin. | Nina lin/YouTube

People in the comments have even said that the Met Gala should invite Nina next time for some genuinely entertaining coverage of the event. We’d definitely tune in!

| Nina lin/YouTube

Despite her success getting into the gala, Nina urged viewers to not attempt what she did for legal reasons. Her video currently has over 175,000 views and is quickly becoming viral! Check it out below to see her full experience sneaking into the Met.

Source: YouTube