One Two Member Oh Chang Hoon Passes Away At The Age Of 47

His fellow group member expressed condolences.

Oh Chang Hoon, a member of the K-Pop duo group One Two, recently passed away after battling cancer at the age of 47.

Oh Chang Hoon | Newsis

On November 14, it was reported that Oh Chang Hoon passed away at 6:30 a.m. that day. He was known to be battling stage 4 colon cancer and neuroendocrine cancer, having recently undergone surgery.

On the same day of his passing, his fellow group member Song Ho Bum expressed condolences to his beloved friend. In an interview with Sports World, he shared that Oh Chang Hoon’s health weakened over the past month.

Chang Hoon recently underwent the 8th round of cancer treatment and was getting better, so we had hope… Neuroendocrine tumors are a rapidly deterioriating disease. His health weakened over the past month, and he passed away while focusing on treatment.

— Song Ho Bum

Oh Chang Hoon (left) and Song Bum Ho (right) | Star News

Song Ho Bum continued by expressing his love for the member with whom he once made music.

I hope Chang Hoon is no longer in pain. Tell Taeyang (Oh Chang Hoon’s son) not to worry… I was happy to make music with my brother.

— Song Ho Bum

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Oh Chang Hoon and Song Ho Bum debuted under JYP Entertainment as the K-Pop duo One Two in 2003. The team was known for their upbeat songs, such as “Now ass” and “Bad Woman.” After his activities with One Two, Oh Chang Hoon was active as a DJ and participated in songwriting for K-Drama OSTs. He married his girlfriend after dating for two years in 2019 and has one son.

Source: Sports World and Sports World