ONEUS Celebrate Korean Culture In Taekwondo Performance Version Of “LIT”

They took the song to a whole new level!

ONEUS stunned audiences with their 2019 title track “LIT,” which featured a fusion of traditional Korean elements and modern dance and music. It’s been almost two years since its release, but TOMOONS still can’t get over it!

Keonhee, Seoho, Leedo, Ravn, Hwanwoong, and Xion. | @official_ONEUS/Twitter

The original music video for “LIT” already had an unbelievable amount of details representing South Korean culture, from the traditional instruments to references in their lyrics.

The music video for “LIT” featured traditional Korean buildings, clothing, instruments, and dancing. | ONEUS/YouTube 

They expanded on their Korean inspiration in their performance on Road to Kingdom, where they chose “LIT” as their representative song!

Seoho during ONEUS’s performance of “LIT” on Road to Kingdom. 

But their latest version took it to a whole new level; ONEUS released a Taekwondo version!

Hwanwoong in the Taekwondo version of “LIT.” | ONEUS/YouTube 

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art with huge significance in South Korea. This latest version of “LIT” features K-Tigers, “one of the world’s leading Taekwondo demo teams.”

| ONEUS/YouTube 

The members of ONEUS perform intense choreography mixed with Taekwondo moves for this breathtaking display of Korean culture!

| ONEUS/YouTube 

ONEUS sport gorgeous red hanbok and have traditional Korean dancers and musicians performing with them in front of a historical building.

Dancers wore sangmo, a Korean folk arts hat with a string that is spun around as a dance. |

This cinematic masterpiece makes “LIT” feel even grander than it already did! TOMOONS are loving the Taekwondo version, and have said that no matter how many versions they release, “LIT” will never get old.

Check out the video below!


Source: K-Tigers, YouTube and ONEUS - LIT Explained