ONEUS Finally Achieves Their First Ever Music Show Win Since Debuting, And Everyone Is Definitely Emotional AF

Congratulations to ONEUS and ToMoons! 🌙

Since debuting in January 2019, ONEUS has stolen the hearts of fans and netizens worldwide with its fantastic discography, charming personalities, stunning visuals, and diverse concepts.

Members of ONEUS | @Official_ONEUS/ Twitter

Despite being dubbed “stage geniuses” and showcasing that all of the members are genuine all-rounders, one thing that fans couldn’t believe was that the group had not won a music show since debuting two years and ten months ago.

Yet, that all changed. On November 17, the group finally got their first-ever music win during MBC’s Show Champion. After releasing their latest track, “LUNA,” from the album BLOOD MOON, the group got their first win.

| ALL THE K-POP/ YouTube 

After taking the stage with their trophy, it was clear that all members were highly emotional about the win. Main dancer Hwanwoong started by sharing that he was speechless by the win and couldn’t believe what had happened. By looking at the members’ faces, fans could tell that it meant a lot to all of them!

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Although he seemed excited when he walked on the stage, when main vocalist Keonhee started his speech, he started crying, and fans could see that maknae Xion and oldest member Ravn were also very emotional.

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During the speech, the members took the time to thank all of those who have supported them. From their company RBW Entertainment, the dancers, and of course, the fans who have worked hard, they shared their love and gratitude.

In particular, Ravn explained that it was the first time he had cried since debuting and also took the time to thank his parents, who had supported him through his journey.

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Even during their encore performance, the group shared their love for ToMoon and, despite the emotions, put on another fantastic performance cementing how much they deserved this win.

| ALL THE K-POP/ YouTube 
| ALL THE K-POP/ YouTube 

As soon as the results that ONEUS had won were announced, #ONEUS1stWin and #LUNA1stWin started trending worldwide.

It showed that it wasn’t just the ONEUS members who were emotional about the group’s first win. ToMoons globally have been putting all their effort into helping the members win, and they shared their own emotions during the show.

Although ONEUS only debuted at the start of 2019, the members have all been through long journeys to get to where they are.

Members Hwanwoong, Seoho, and Keonhee participated in Produce 101, while Seoho and Ravn took part in MIXNINE after joining RBW. When Xion and Leedo later joined the company, they started promoting as the RBW Boyz, performing on stage and in the streets to get their names known.

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With all of this hard work from the members, this win has been a long time coming. ONEUS has deserved this for a long time! Congratulations to ONEUS, and congratulations ToMoons!

You can watch the group’s whole performance below!

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