ONEUS Holds Online Showcase For Fifth Mini Album ‘BINARY CODE’

They are finally back.

K-Pop group ONEUS has finally returned to the music scene after four months.

On May 11, ONEUS held an online media showcase for their fifth mini album, BINARY CODE.

Member Leedo commented, “It has been four months since we released our last album. We worked hard in order to bring better music and performances. We’re even more nervous than our other comebacks”.

Hwanwoong added, “When we first heard the track, we all said, ‘It’s so good’. I also think that the performance for this is high quality. I’m excited yet nervous as to how people will react to it”.

This album includes a total of five tracks including the title track “Black Mirror” and b-side tracks “Connect with US”, “Polarity”, “Happy Birthday” and the rock version of “Valkyrie”.

The album will drop on music platforms at 6 PM KST on May 11.

Source: sports donga