ONEUS’s Ravn Accused Of Cheating And Gaslighting By Alleged Ex-Girlfriend

She also attached pictures and voice recordings as “proof” of her claims.

 RBW Entertainment has since notified ONEUS fans that they are “looking into the claims made in the tweets regarding member Ravn.”

ONEUS‘s Ravn is currently in the midst of an alleged dating scandal.

ONEUS’s Ravn | @official_ONEUS/Twitter

On October 14, 2022, a Twitter user under the handle @oAKjan3BvAJjqld created a thread detailing the relationship she allegedly had with Ravn. 

Hi, oppa. You must’ve thought I’d be easy to push around because I’ve been really nice to you, and I really liked you a lot. But since you got us here, I decided to give up on you, too. I even asked you one last time if you had any regrets, but you ran away from the question like a coward. I bet you’re happy with LHY now that I’m gone, right? What happened to the iPad that you wanted to get for me? And the bouquet of flowers? Oh, and the Disney+ account that you promised? You also said that you’d take me to a good hotel for a staycation. You said we’d travel together. I’m still waiting. When will I be getting all of that? Haha. Or are you happy with yourself because you’ve been able to give all of that to LHY? But you know what? It’s all over for you, too. You messed with the wrong person.

The fan claimed that Ravn initially met her after one of the group’s concerts in Japan in 2020. She alleges that Ravn got her drunk and had sex with her and that was the start of their relationship.

We met in February 2020 when ON*US came to Japan for a group schedule. We had drinks at the hotel, and [you] fed me a lot of alcohol. I was so drunk and not fully conscious when we had sex. And wow, I did not expect our relationship to continue for two years from this point… By the way, I was aware that you slept with a different Japanese woman the day before you met me. Did you not know that I knew?

She continued saying that after meeting several times, the two were caught by a manager and that the OP had to hide inside of a closet. The relationship continued and the fan would allegedly visit him near the company building in Korea until COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

An alleged photo of Ravn on his birthday shared by OP. | @oAKjan3BvAJjqld/Twitter

You kept asking me to come over to see you, so I did. But I ended up getting caught by your manager and staff. So I had to hide in a small closet for an hour… Around that time, I was able to travel to Korea. And you wanted to see me every single day. So you kept asking me to come by the company. That’s when COVID-19 hit, and we weren’t able to travel back and forth anymore. You still kept in touch with me, though.

The fan then goes on to allege that Ravn’s hiatus right after the group’s debut was due to problems with women including someone she referred to as “LHY,” the artist’s other alleged girlfriend.

In fact, that’s when you started telling me that you missed me like crazy, that you liked me, that you wanted to see me… But I found out later, based on what LHY has been telling people, that you’ve been in a relationship with her since the end of 2020. So you’ve been cheating on both of us for a long time. How amazing! You started seeing someone in Korea because I was in Japan and I couldn’t come to see you. Ha. You know, people actually know all about how you couldn’t participate in group promotions right after you debuted because you had problems with the women in your life. Remember how you didn’t have a cellphone, so you wrote Naver emails using your iPad? And then, around July 2020, you finally got your phone back, so you messaged me on KakaoTalk. You sent me selfies, and we even video called. I think it’s funny how, well into our relationship, I thought your name was Kim Ji Hoon because you lied to me. You were desperate for fun, weren’t you?

She claims that once she moved to Korea, he would insist on having her pay for their meals in addition to his taxis, stating that he didn’t want to use his card because their manager would find out. The fan claimed that Ravn would often come over for sex and leave claiming that he would need to sleep, but would instead go out to clubs with other women.

A video posted by the fan allegedly showing Ravn waiting outside her door on multiple occasions over the course of several months. | @oAKjan3BvAJjqld/Twitter

For about two years, we stayed in touch. And we became official when I moved to Korea this year. The whole time you and I were together, you used my place like a motel. When you’d eat with me, you made me pay because you were worried that your company would find out if you used your card and left track of what you’ve been doing. When you’d leave my place, you insisted that I call you a cab while you stayed in bed. Even when we were in a relationship, you lied to me. You said you’d be going to bed early because you were tired but you went drinking with another girl. You asked me not to go clubbing but you went behind my back. And when someone tried to get with you, you let her know your Instagram handle. Haha.

According to the fan, this would cause issues between the two and Ravn would gaslight her into staying with him by promising to leave the other girls, including LHY. This reportedly occurred during the time that Ravn tested positive for COVID-19 and still allegedly met up with the OP fan instead of quarantining.

When I found out about that, you were practically begging me for forgiveness. You told me that you’d cut ties with everyone else. You got on your knees and promised that you’d do anything to be forgiven, as long as I let you see your friends. But you didn’t keep your promise. Like, if you had actually cut off all the other girls, then LHY couldn’t have stayed in your life. And at one point, you got COVID-19 and needed to isolate at your parent’s. Even then, I know you broke the rules and went outside. You even came to see me. In fact, knowing that you were positive, you still stopped by my place before heading over to the hotel that your company booked for your quarantine. That was a mess.

The fan also alleges that Ravn would gossip about a female idol friend and that several other 4th generation idols were aware of how he behaved.

| RBW Entertainment

Oh, and that female idol friend of yours that everyone knows about? Remember how you talked so much smack behind her back about how she can’t keep secrets? You told me over drinks that you don’t really consider her a friend. Haha. I bet she’ll be heartbroken to know since you two hang out and stuff…You know other idols from your generation also talk about you. They think, “He’s not even popular, but he’s so busy all the time that he can’t even take care of his girlfriend. But he goes around drinking all the time.” I stuck by your side, knowing people think of you this way. Now, I’m embarrassed to admit. One hoobae of yours said, “I don’t even want to hear that hyung’s name anymore.” What kind of a life have you been leading to have everyone around you hate you so much? All my friends are starting to think you’re a joke, too.By the way, I told your co-worker all of this, too. I didn’t mean to, but it happened so. Oops, sorry. I can’t help that I have connections. What could you do about it, though? You know what you did.

After this, the fan claims that he gaslit her once again into believing that he would inevitably have a future with her, despite attempting to end the relationship at the alleged request of LHY.

You broke up with me out of the blue, saying that you’re tired of us and you can’t keep doing this anymore. I was caught off guard so I asked that we take a break for about a month instead. I think this is around the time LHY told you to start getting rid of all the other girlfriends in your life. Besides, from what I’ve heard later, this is around the time LHY started telling everyone that “There is a Japanese girl getting in the way” of her relationship with you. Anyway, I knew you had to enlist soon, and the company was packing your schedule with work before you had to take off. You said that I was such a good fit for you, enough that you were even considering a future with me. So I decided to give our relationship another chance. I said that I’d work around your schedule and see you/talk to you when you could.

OP alleges that Ravn began acting strange and even felt threatened by her being “too perfect,” something OP took as a sign of his continued cheating. OP continued the relationship and would travel to Japan when Oneus did, but would only be given a little bit of time with Ravn. The OP fan also accuses Ravn of being cheap and ungrateful for gifts she would give him.

Matching keyrings shared by OP. | @oAKjan3BvAJjqld/Twitter

This is when you started acting really strange, though. In the past, you never even thought to ask if you should be using condoms because you learned that I was on the pill. But you started carrying condoms with you. When I asked why you have them, you would shrug if off like, “Just because.” Honestly, though… I’ve never seen someone be so dumb, haha. One time, you even asked me if I liked the Japanese ramen that you never got me. When I raised questions about that, you got mad at me and said you must’ve gotten confused because it was from such a long time ago… Remember when you told me how, sometimes, you feel threatened by me because I’m too perfect and I never get anything wrong? Well, yeah. Haha. I’m pretty smart and I have good instincts. So really, it must have been difficult for you to keep secrets from me. Haha. Good work, I guess. When you were in Japan for work, I booked a room in the same hotel for us. But you barely stayed 10 minutes each night. I bet that’s because you couldn’t tell your teammates that your “other” girlfriend was there with you. Of course, you couldn’t. It was one of your teammates who introduced LHY to you. And now that you’ve gotten rid of your Japanese girlfriend, you’re taking your Korean one on business trips to Japan with you. Right? You do understand that your fans pay to come to see you at your schedule. What are you thinking?You also never really thanked me when taking stuff from me, like the merch you liked or the things that I brought from Japan. You’ve been terrible at keeping promises and you’ve shown me no manners. I mean, at this point, you’re not a decent human being to me.

Alleged messages between OP and Ravn. | @oAKjan3BvAJjqld/Twitter

Alleged Ex: Let’s open these together! Heh.
Alleged Ex: I got home now. I’m about to cook.
Ravn: What are those?
Ravn: Sounds good, hahaha.
Ravn: Let’s cook together.

[August 4, 2022]
Alleged Ex: Key rings? I’m not really sure.
Alleged Ex: But it looked fun. They’re random draws.
Alleged Ex: I’d love that! Let’s do that.

In addition to their alleged relationship, the fan shared that Ravn’s alleged other girlfriend LHY, who was apparently a former RBW Entertainment trainee, would harass Ravn’s other exes and posted things like “lovestagrams” in order to expose the relationship. Ravn’s family was allegedly told all of his actions and did not believe what they were told.

Around this time, I got to know one of your other ex-girlfriends. And that’s how I found out about LHY. Of course, to my disbelief, the puzzle pieces all started fitting together. I learned that LHY used to be a trainee and was introduced to you by your teammate. And wow, she was psychotic. LHY kept threatening your other ex. She made fake social media accounts to terrorize the ex. She leaked the ex’s private information, like the ex’s phone number. She even used your family to start fights between you and your ex. She also did a lot of illegal things, like stalking your ex, too. I don’t know, you tell me. Is this normal behavior from an idol’s girlfriend?Your fans probably know this already, but [LHY]’s Instagram profile picture is of a black cat. Her KakaoTalk profile picture is of Pikachu. She uses a fake “fan” account to drop hints about her relationship with you. Like she’d tag her actual account in comments like, “He’s dating (@ her real handle) this girl now!”

Haha, she’s something else, really. And you knew how she kept her personal account public while posting obvious lovestagram-y pictures. Did you two want to go public? I mean, I had fun looking through the feed. Haha. But you… You insisted that I don’t tell anyone about us because you’re a “celebrity,” or whatever. What was that about, then? What a joke. Both of you are so stupid, you actually make a perfect pair. And as for LHY using your family… Your other ex tried to explain what happened. But your mother and your older sister both told her, “Our baby boy would never.” They trusted you and stayed on your side… But I wonder what they’ll think once they read all of this? I don’t know, but I’m heartbroken to find out.


Lovestagrams between LHY and Ravn shared by OP. | @oAKjan3BvAJjqld/Twitter

[Left Side] Who’s going to Tokyo?
[OP’s Caption] May 6 = ON*US’s schedule in Tokyo

[OP’s Caption] During Oct 1, 2022 on business trip

More lovestagrams of matching cellphone cases. | @oAKjan3BvAJjqld/Twitter

The fan shares that LHY allegedly continued to threaten his other ex-girlfriends and that is what led to her sharing this story. She continued by saying that she did not want to hurt fans or Ravn’s image but that LHY’s actions would expose him eventually.

Look. If LHY really liked you, she wouldn’t be causing you so much damage. She only wants to show off the fact that she is dating someone popular. But… you’re not that popular, so it’s a bummer for her, I guess. I really respected you for your work and wanted to support you with my whole heart. So I understood when you didn’t want us to go public. I understood when I couldn’t even introduce you to my friends. But… in retrospect, I realize you’ve been gaslighting me into thinking so I felt really bad for your fans, but I knew how important fans are in your line of work. So, I practiced good manners and did my best to stay completely hidden. I didn’t say anything, and I didn’t do anything. But LHY is going around picking fights with everyone. She’s going around saying she wants to “destroy” your other ex-girlfriends. And I’m afraid LHY will eventually get to me, too. I can’t risk that because it becomes too dangerous for everyone.

OP  allegedly said that she wanted to give Ravn the chance to explain the truth from his perspective, but he continued to deny everything. He even allegedly became verbally abusive while describing the things he wanted to do to another ex-girlfriend including wishing to stop being an idol so he could go and “stab her.” He also allegedly threatened OP before cutting off contact with her.

I asked to see you one last time because I wanted to hear the truth from your perspective. I was even going to understand and forgive you if you could explain the reason to me. But until the very end, you denied everything and insisted that LHY is “just a friend.” You insisted that we could even all meet up for a confrontation because she’s really just a friend. But you also said that you used her to get rid of your other girlfriend. It’s like your head is in some fairytale land. And don’t even get me started on your other ex. You got verbally violent, saying things like you “hate her so much you could kill her,” and you “want to quit being an idol so you can go stab her,” and that you “wish you could get her deported forever.” But you’ve been telling people your side of the story only. You gave them the complete opposite of what really happened. And this is why I got scared. I feared that you’d go around saying the same kind of lies about me if we were to ever break up. Back then, out of fear, I pretended to believe you. When you left the house, I tried talking to you again. I even suggested that we try what you said and meet up with LHY. And then you went ballistic on me for 10 minutes. I only asked because I already had all the proof of you cheating on me, and I wanted to fact-check. But you thought I was threatening you. Then you started threatening me. You said, “I don’t even like you anymore,” “Stop calling me because I don’t have feelings for you now,” and “If you keep trying to get in touch with me, I’ll work with the company to get rid of you.” That’s what threats sound like, you dummy. And… I get that I cornered you. But if you were a decent person, you wouldn’t have talked to me like that… especially if you ever truly had feelings for me. Anyway, I was trying to warn you that if we broke up that way, you’d be risking a lot. I was trying to convince you that I was worried about you because I really liked you. But you hung up on me. And that was the last time I heard from you.

OP attempted to get her key back from him but instead of him mailing it to her as she asked, he “broke” into her home while she was sleeping to return it.

After that, I left you alone and didn’t try to get in touch with you. But when I asked you to send me the extra key to my place that I gave you when we were together, you came inside without my consent. I was scared of actually meeting up with you, which is why I asked you to send the key to me by mail. Yet you basically broke into my house. Like… how stupid can you be? Do you not know how the law works because you never went to college? But you and LHY are both insane. So I honestly feared for my life. I felt like I would actually be harmed somehow. Imagine a man letting himself into your house because he thinks “it’d be okay” since you’d be “sleeping anyway.” Like, can you even?

OP finishes by stating that she had received a number of strange calls, and was now afraid of Ravn showing up at her house. She shares that she felt real love for Ravn and that she hopes he will become a better person after this.

| @oAKjan3BvAJjqld/Twitter

Following the one-sided breakup, I started getting a lot of phone calls from a number I don’t know. I added it to KakaoTalk to check and it turned out to belong to some K-Pop fan. I called back, but I didn’t hear anything even after they picked up. I could only hear movements. But they would never hang up first. It was very suspicious, all in all. Now, I live in fear of having you appear in front of my house out of the blue. I live in fear of being threatened the same way you threatened your other ex. I changed my number and I moved to a different place. But I’m still scared. Your betrayal has traumatized me so deeply that I had to seek medical help for depression. I told you that I fell in love with you and had so much respect for you because you’d been working so hard overseas… You shattered all of that. How are you going to fix this?I’m writing this, hoping that no one else experiences the same. But more importantly, I hope that you, oppa, can become a decent person after this. This is the only way, I think, that you’ll really see my intention.

I wanted to stay a good person to you, and I wanted to help you get through this. I wanted to watch you mature into a better human being. That’s why I trusted you like an idiot, even when I knew I was being tricked. But I was so extremely disappointed by the fact that you couldn’t even explain yourself and apologize to me when it all fell apart.To be even more honest, I know a lot more than LHY. I mean, I could list all the names of the female idols that you’ve mentioned. Should I? That would be quite chaotic, huh? Haha. But then… You’re the type of person who goes around asking for their numbers because you “use the same hair salon” that they do. So I’m sure there’s another girl out there who’ll write the sequel to this. One last thing: Remember how you told me that you’re looking forward to becoming a CEO one day? Please know that I’m writing this because I, too, want you to become a real star in Korea. I want you to become a real artist with hit songs. Though… I don’t know if you’ll be able to continue being an idol in Korea. I really loved you. So I hope this can help you reflect on your actions and become a better person. I really do hope that you find happiness one day. Thanks for everything. I actually don’t regret having dated you. My feelings for you were real.(I decided that I’m going to post some of the private pictures and videos that I treasured until the very end so that everyone can see what a piece of sh*t you are.)


As “proof,” in addition to the tell-all tweets, the alleged ex-girlfriend also shared voice recordings in which Ravn  is said to be expressing his wishes to harm the other ex-girlfriend.

Just hearing her name makes me sick. I wish that b*tch would stop seeing our mutuals. I want her to stop talking about me. I want her to just die. If I could, I’d quit singing and go stab her. I get so stressed out about her. Like, that’s how- This is how much I- […]

Yeah… that, too. But I think it’s for the best that we stop talking. I’m sorry… but just stop contacting me. [Inaudible] I’m going to block you. Stop calling. I’m actually going to change my phone number. If you keep trying to reach me, the company… The company will take action, do you understand? Just… I’m going to hang up now.

— Ravn in the alleged voice recording from his phone call with OP

Neither RBW Entertainment nor Ravn has released a statement regarding these allegations as of yet.

Source: @oAKjan3BvAJjqld


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