ONEUS Shows Off A Mysterious Charm Through Teaser Images For “Blood Moon”

They showed off contrasting images through the teaser photos.

K-Pop idol group ONEUS released addition teaser images online for their with sixth mini album, BLOOD MOON. In the released photos, they show off a luxurious mood through white traditional hanbok clothing. 

| @official_ONEUS/Twitter

They also revealed suit version teaser image that showed off the members intense and exotic charm. These contrasting teaser images have raised both expectations and curiosity from fans around the world.

| @official_ONEUS/Twitter

This new mini album will be the group’s first comeback in six months since their previous album, BINARY CODE, which was released back in May. The group will also be holding an online concert, ONEUS THEATRE, on November 6 and 7.

The new mini album will release on November 9 at 6 PM KST.

Source: osen