Onew reportedly suffered an injury during SHINee concert in Japan

SHINee‘s Onew has been spotted limping, leading fans to worry that he might have injured himself.

SHINee held their 2017 SHINee World concert in Hokkaido, Japan on April 15. While performing, fans who attended the concert noticed that Onew seemed to be having difficulty with certain parts of their choreography.

Although it was noted that he did everything as normally as possible to hide his pain, fans could see that he was dragging his foot and even limping during the times they had to change positions on stage. A more obvious was sign was that he couldn’t carry fellow member Jonghyun the way he normally does but had to put in extra effort to support him in a way that wouldn’t hurt him.

To further support this speculation, fans who were waiting at Incheon airport on the day the group flew to Japan were able to get a video of Onew walking quite a bit slower than all the members. At some points it even looked like he was trying really hard not to limp. You can check out the video below!

Hopefully his injury isn’t too severe and that he has gotten treatment for it as SHINee still has another 3 days of concerts for their SHINee World tour in Japan.