SHINee Onew’s First Solo Album Ranks No. 1 On 23 iTunes Album Charts Worldwide


SHINee’s Onew released his first mini-album, “VOICE”, on December 5th and it has already ranked No.1 on 23 iTunes album charts worldwide!


Onew’s new album has been receiving love from around the world including in Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Finland, Russia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, El Salvador, Sri Lanka, Macau and Nicaragua.


The album contains 7 tracks including the title song, “Blue”, as well as “Illusion”, which Onew helped write, and “Shine on You”, which Onew wrote.


This album is particularly significant not only because it is his first solo album in 10 years since his debut, but because it is also his last gift to fans before the idol enlists in the military.

Onew To Debut As Solo Artist As His Last Gift To Fans Before Military Enlistment


Onew will begin his army training on December 10 and is expected to be discharged on July 20, 2020. Check out Onew’s “Blue” music video below:

Source: Osen