ONF Open Up About Their Feelings On Their Latest Album, “City Of ONF”

We love the way MK described their music!

Recently, ONF sat for an exclusive interview with Tumblr‘s official K-Pop blog and answered questions about their newly released repackaged album, City of ONF. The six members answered questions about their album, their career and more!

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Some of the questions were focused on their newest album. One of the leaders, Hyojin, was asked to describe the album and what he hoped people would take away from it!

Hyojin. | WM Entertainment.

This repackaged album, City of ONF, is composed of 14 tracks, including eleven tracks from our first full-length album and three new tracks. The music is more powerful and energetic, which is unique to ONF. I hope everyone can learn more about us as a group that can pull off various genres of songs.


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E-Tion and MK tackled the question about how they’d describe their sound, and how it’s changed since their debut–and they had some of the most unique answers!

A xylophone—it sounds cute, clear, and sexy. I think it resembles my voice which has gotten deeper since our debut.


MK. | WM Entertainment.

As for MK, he had an interesting comparison.

I can describe it as a lemon. I’ve become more capable of controlling my voice quite freely since our debut.


U. | WM Entertainment.

Then, they were asked to choose their favorite lyrics from the discography, and both Hyojin and E-Tion chose lyrics from songs on City of ONF.

I like the part of the lyrics I wrote for the song “My Name Is.” It’s about introducing myself. I tried writing lyrics for the first time, and I want you to find out who I am and my charm when you listen to the song.


J-Us. | WM Entertainment.

I like the lyrics from “THE DREAMER,” where it goes, “You don’t have to run as long as your heart is beating.” I think the lyrics can be very encouraging for young people. I myself was comforted by listening to this song and felt relaxed and motivated.


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You can check out the music video for the title track of City of ONF, “Ugly Dance,” below!

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