ONF’s Wyatt Rants About Military Men Asking “Rude” Questions About K-Pop Idols

He vented to fans regarding being asked questions about girl groups.

ONF’s Wyatt was discharged along with his member J-Us at the end of June.


The two ONF members enlisted for their mandatory military enlistment on December 27, 2021. On June 25, WM Entertainment reported that Wyatt and J-Us had returned after serving for a year and six months.

Now, a video of Wyatt has gone viral in which he talked about life in the military.

ONF’s Wyatt

Wyatt held a live broadcast via Weverse on July 5. During it, he revealed that men in the military would ask him invasive questions about being a K-Pop idol. This included inquiries regarding girl groups, such as IVE and æspa.

Sigh, asking about what their personality is like. What are you going to do if I say that their personality is good or bad? I get all these questions. I don’t know if it’s because they are so young, but they don’t seem to know whether that is rude or not.

— Wyatt

Wyatt’s “rant” went viral on social media shortly after. The video clip has 1M views on Twitter at the time of writing.

Source: ONF