Ong Seong Wu’s Face Is All Over The Chinese Theatres In The Heart Of Hollywood

He’s the first K-Pop star to get this done!

In celebration of Ong Seong Wu‘s birthday on August 25, 2019, his Chinese fan club “ONG CHINA BAR” has put together a special event for the star!


Ong Seong Wu stans can now gather at the Chinese Theatres in Hollywood, California and watch a series of congratulatory messages to be displayed on the facility’s LED panels.


In fact, his fans who are in the area are tweeting their moments with the birthday messages and making this birthday the best one ever for Ong Seong Wu!


Ong Seong Wu is the first Korean celebrity to have birthday ads play on the Chinese Theatres. Fans hope his beauty on full blast at the heart of Hollywood will continue to capture the attention of more people!


Watch the ads being played outside the Chinese Theatres in Hollywood here: